Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Festivities

I have to be honest and say that I have had an overwhelming month. There are so many things I have wanted to blog about, but between traveling and a generally difficult month, it just hasn't happened. Thus the total of 4 posts this month. I had over 400 photos and movies on my phone that I haven't had a chance to look at, much less upload for family to see or blog about.

So, in an effort to play catch up, here is a quick overview of our Christmas so far {I say so far, because we still have to celebrate with family in Arkansas}.

Christmas Eve, we went to Daniel's cousin's house for the traditional Moore family Christmas Eve celebration. We broke tradition in that we met at 1pm instead of in the evening, but it worked out perfectly for us to meet earlier in the day. Chris and Jessica were wonderful hosts and the food was all delicious. Jack made off with lots of loot. Thank you to all of the Moores for being so generous and sweet to our little guy. The noisy toys are a big hit with Jack.

After dinner and visiting, we headed to my sisters for Christmas Eve. She treated us to some fabulous Pinterest dishes, then we listened to my brother-in-law read the kids "The Night Before Christmas." 

I made my special hot chocolate for the adults {though my brother cheaped out on us and didn't bring the kahlua} and we had salted caramel shortbread {thank you Pinterest}. We watched Duck Dynasty while we put out the last minute stuff for the kiddos.

Christmas morning was fun watching the kids open their presents. Jack could care less about opening gifts. Lucky for cousin Levi, he got to help Jack. Daniel and I have never been real gift givers {we have never exchanged gifts in 10 years of marriage}. We have also struggled with the whole idea of piles of gifts. My sister and her husband are totally opposite. Gift giving is totally their love language. They love to give. They love the magic it provides for their kids. It is really sweet. We love being their with them and celebrating, but we chose to do gifts a bit differently. We decided that our tradition will be three gifts on Christmas day: something you want, something you need and something to read. It is something that works for us, so that is what we did.

After presents, we had breakfast and watched Home Alone and then my brother went with us to Opryland to look at the lights.

After Opryland we met up with Daniel's dad and one of his sisters and her boyfriend for our traditional Hibachi dinner. Jack LOVED the fire and watching the chef with the knives. The only downside was that dinner took two hours and we had to drive home in some rough weather.

We have been trying to have a little down time while we unpack, wash clothes and get ready for round 2 of travels/visiting.

Today I learned that my Uncle Keith had a massive heart attack while shoveling snow. It turned out to be a blessing because he was working with a neighbor who was able to call 911 and who also happened to have a nitro-glycerine tablet that most likely saved Keith's life. We are so very thankful he is ok but will be keeping him and my Aunt Linda in our prayers. It's been a crazy month.

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