Monday, December 03, 2012

Thornhill Christmas Tree Farm 2012

About five years ago, Daniel and I started the tradition of setting up a live tree in addition to our fake memory tree. 

The live tree goes in our living room and will be decorated with items we make – generally strings of popcorn and gingerbread cookies. It is a tree that smells delicious and is covered with love.

Since living in Alabama, we have made the trek to Pisgah to the Thornhill Christmas Tree Farm to pick out a real tree. This is our second year to make the trek. 

Since Daniel has Friday's off, we go on Friday to skip the crowds. This is great since we can take Sophie with us. The draw back is that we can't ride on their little train. At this age, I don't think that Jack minds though.

After taking our customary pictures by the tress and letting Sophie run to her heart's delight, we decided to buy a pre-cut Douglas Fir that they had in their barn. 

While not quite as nostalgic as cutting down our own, it was still a special trip.

I think that Jack will come to enjoy our tradition of going to the farm to get a ginormous tree to haul back to our house. I will be glad when he is big enough to help Daniel haul the 100+lb tree into the house instead of me!

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