Monday, May 11, 2015


My heart was full of gratitude on Mothers' Day weekend.

Last Mothers' Day feels like a lifetime ago – a nightmare that doesn't feel fully real today. I had miscarried the Sunday before this special day and I felt empty. Last year Daniel gave me space to grieve. We spent a quiet day together as a family of three, taking a bike ride and trying to feel a sense of normal.

This year is so different. I was surrounded by family, I had a three-week old in my arms, and my life felt like it is overflowing. 

I am so grateful for family. For our newest child. That good things can happen even after something bad. I am thankful for friends. For all who prayed and cared for us during this difficult pregnancy and recovery. I feel gratitude to all of the women in my life who have showed me the many ways to love and mother. 

I know that this life holds many more hills and valleys that must be traveled and we will muddle through each step, but this year is a mountaintop compared to the desert that we walked through this time last year.

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