Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Preschool Field Trip to the Post Office

One of my favorite things about raising children is seeing them learn and discover new things. Everything is fresh again when you see it through your child's eyes.

Last week Jack had a preschool trip to the local post office. The day started with the parents and children meeting the teachers at the post office so they could learn about the process of how the mail is delivered.

Each child had a special piece of mail to send that was addressed to their parents.

The post masters started off talking about different ways the mail is transported and delivered and then the children purchased stamps, assisted by their teacher. With the stamps firmly adhered to their envelopes, they pushed the envelopes through the chute and then we walked around to see where the mail would go next.

From the mail chute the letter would be sorted and put in the appropriate area based on the address. The kids got a kick out of finding their own individual mail slots and we got lucky to see our mail man there. He rounded the corner and said, "I know you guys, your dog barks at me every day!" Then he took Jack and showed him where our mail went.

After seeing all of the cubbies we walked out to see where the mail was loaded on to the mail trucks. The kids all seemed to enjoy the outing and it is nice to live in a small town where we can see where our personal mail goes and say hi to our mail man! And it was also nice that Isaac could tag along on this trip.

After the field trip, we took the kids back to their school to finish out the day, with the promise that the letter would be delivered the next day. 

Since we were out of town for the weekend, Jack was able to check our mail yesterday and sure enough, there was the letter he had sent to me and Daniel. A sweet Valentine's card! He also had Valentine's mail from some of his grandparents and was excited to open everything up.

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