Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Snow Cream

This year winter pretty much bypassed our area of the country. In fact we were pretty certain that it was skipping us altogether – I think we had two light snows that left Jack disappointed that we wouldn't be going sledding.

The week before spring break, we were meeting with our small group when we had an unexpected snow. We were in town, off of our mountain, and thankful to being driving a four-wheel drive vehicle (though it wasn't needed). Jack was thrilled to see the white stuff floating down from the sky, and anticipated finally getting to sled.

Alas, the snow was a scant two inches, and though pretty, it was not worthy of pulling out the sleds.

We allowed the kid play briefly on our porch before sending them to bed. When we awoke, the ground had a light covering of snow, still not enough to go sledding, BUT just enough to scoop up and make a batch of Snow Cream.

I am pretty sure Snow Cream is a southern thing, I had never even heard of it before Daniel and I got married (and I lived in Canada for several years as a kid). Lucky for our kids, we always make a batch of Snow Cream when we get enough snow.

I don't know if Snow Cream made up for the lack of sledding, but the kids did seem happy with the cold, sugary concoction. Especially Isaac as it was his first year to be big enough to try it. He happily slurped his down and would not let anyone take his cup away!

Hopefully next year we will get to use our sleds. Jack has also been asking about skiing and snowboarding. I have a feeling next year will be the year to introduce him to those activities.

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