Thursday, April 12, 2018

Look Mom, No Training Wheels! Part II

Two years ago, Jack surprised us by just up and riding his bike with out training wheels. He was still four and we were a bit shocked that he didn't need us to acquire this skill.

Fast forward to this year and Isaac has mastered his Strider Balance Bike and was even able to handle riding it over the hills and bumps at the Pump Track recently. At that time he kept telling us that he wanted pedals on his bike.

We waited a few weeks and he kept asking about pedals and no training wheels. So we finally went to our neighborhood park and let him give it a try.

The result was that a few weeks before his third birthday he was able to ride without training wheels! Now, he is by no means proficient at it, but he was able to do it. Pedal, pedal, pedal, Isaac!

A few days later he asked to put the training wheels back on and we acquiesced. But I'm sure he will be riding on his own soon enough! We are incredibly proud of him for wanting to try and actually doing it.

And honestly, we aren't surprised that he was ready to try. Two years ago he was chomping at the bit to be on Jack's bike! Image above taken summer of 2016!

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