Saturday, December 31, 2005

Top 10 from 2005

The Top 10 Things We Learned in 2005

10) If you ever go on an overnight backpacking trip on any of Hawaii’s ridgelines, do not leave your camera in the car!
9) If you choose to drive up a muddy, steep hill that was last traversed by a bulldozer, it's wonderful to have friends who will spend their Saturday night at TSC buying recovery gear and then bringing it out to you 12 miles past the middle of nowhere.

8) When you move somewhere new, find some way to make sure you have more than 2 people to carry ALL of your belongings up 2 narrow flights of stairs in the middle of winter.

7) Finding a church family to be a part of is essential to moving to a new city where you do not know anyone.

6) Charging your little brother rent for the summer may not make him like you more, but it will teach you both valuable lessons.

5) Family members in the medical field do not enjoy phone calls such as I just had a bicycle wreck, exactly how deep does a cut need to be before you have to have stitches?” (Daniel) or “I just had a ladder collapse out from under me, should I go to the ER?” (Cheree)

4) Buying and renovating a new home does indeed create stress, especially if one spouse is creative and the other is practical.

3) Daniel’s least favorite phrase of Cheree’s is “Can we tear out this wall?” 
Cheree’s least favorite word of Daniel’s is “No.”

2) Eating out for EVERY meal for three months till your kitchen is done is not so great.

1) No matter what, at the end of the day, our love and God bind us together as we continue to grow in the ups & downs of our everyday life.
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