Monday, February 20, 2006

Ski Trip 2006

Top 10 Things We Learned Skiing

  1. If you do not have a baby, there is no reason for your SUV to be completely FULL of gear for a 3 day ski trip.
  2. When driving up a winding mountain road, do not let yourself get stuck behind the SAME bus on 3 different occasions.
  3. You should not park your vehicle with the front end in a 4 foot snow drift and then proceed to leave the lights on in your vehicle (for 5 hours).
  4. You should make sure you learn how to get up after a fall when you take a ski class.
  5. 12 inches of fresh snow makes your falls deceivingly soft.
  6. A Yard Sale is when you fall down and leave your gear strewn all over the slopes.
  7. When exiting the ski lift, you should make every effort not to fall on your face.
  8. Doing back flips down a black diamond is a good way to entertain people on the ski lift.
  9. Skiing with friends is more fun than skiing by yourself.
  10. IF you are going to learn to ski in the east, choosing the weekend that happens to get the most snowfall for the year is a good decision.

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