Saturday, February 03, 2007

Checkers Game

Last night Daniel got free tickets through work to go to the Checker's game at the arena Uptown. It seems that we only go to hockey games if we get free tickets. I am not sure if this means that we are cheap or that we just don't care enough about sports to spend money on tickets. The tickets were actually for one of the suites. Not wanting to turn down an opportunity to see how people with lots of money view the games, we went.

It was pretty cool. The only negative was that the seats were kind of high and you couldn't see as well. Hockey is viewed best when you are fairly close to the ice and can really see the action.

We took some time to walk around on the "suite" floor and while we were walking, we were mauled by
Chubby, the mascot for the Checkers! Well, maybe "mauled" is a strong word. He came up from behind us and got between us and through his arms around our shoulders and then wanted us to give him high-fives. If you know us, you know that we are not overly enthusiastic people. We are more layed back and take life as it comes kind of people. So we were not jumping up and down to get pictures with the mascot or anything like that.

The game was good and the Charlotte beat Florida.

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