Friday, February 02, 2007

This note is all about Daniel - since he doesn't write notes, I wanted to share about his insanely cold morning commute. The following is an excerpt from an email Daniel sent to me:
Next time I am wearing wool socks and ski goggles…..
Note the 17-27mph headwind that left me outside in these conditions for even longer than normal (50 minutes). Headwind was absolutely ridiculous. Felt like I was towing a parachute. It is nice to look like a Christmas tree though. A couple cars stopped in their tracks and stared till I rolled by.
The comment about looking like a Christmas tree was due to the fact that he was decked out with multiple blinking lights on the front and back of his bike as well as on his helmet. He also had on a bright yellow vest. When we left this morning, all I could see of him were his eyes because he was completely bundled up from head to foot.

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