Thursday, November 29, 2007

Breakfast is my all time favorite meal to eat out. There is something wonderful about sitting down over a country breakfast with someone you love or with close friends. I can never turn down coffee or a country breakfast or pancakes! This is a list of some of my favorite places to eat breakfast.

Searcy, AR: Bobby's

Nothing can beat squeezing into a booth with friends or family. Many talks have been had at Bobby's over a country breakfast of ham, eggs, toast and coffee - all for about $5. I once convinced Daniel to skip class and chapel to go to Bobby's with me!!!

Bobby's Family Restaurant on Urbanspoon

Gatlinburg, TN: Log Cabin Pancake House

First of all, I don't particularly like going to Gburg, but if we are in the vicinity I want to make a stop here. I love their Caribbean Pancakes with coffee.

Log Cabin Pancake House on Urbanspoon

Charlotte, NC: The Original Pancake House in SouthPark
I was a little disappointed to learn this was a chain - we ate at one in Birmingham, AL. Regardless, I love the one in SouthPark - the people know us and I love just about everything here. If you get an omellote, you pretty much need to plan on sharing it. Pancakes come with everything and you can always get the specialty pancakes if you ask. I have never had something I didn't like here.

Original Pancake House on Urbanspoon

Nashville, TN: The Pancake Pantry

I have only been here once, but if I lived in Nashville, this would definitely become a regular place for me! I tried their pecan pancakes and coffee.

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Port Colborne, Ontario: Sambo's

Another place that serves good country breakfast (in CANADA). I love when I am visiting my grandparents and we run to Sambo's for breakfast. I suppose I should also put Tim Horton's on the list for when we are in Canada as well - it is a chain, but I have fond memories of special time over Tim Bits and Mocha.

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