Monday, March 31, 2014

Love Where You Live: Green Gorge Trail

A couple of years ago when Design Mom was living in France, she had a series entitled Love the Place You Live. It was one of my favorite blog series and it really made me think about the things that I loved about where we lived (at the time we were in rural, north Alabama). 

Everywhere we have lived I have always found things to love and treasure. Currently I am lucky enough to live somewhere I adore and hope to stay and I wanted to share a bit of why I love this place so much...

If you are sitting on our back deck, there is an abundance of trees. The trees that are in your line of sight are situated in Green Gorge Park, on the street behind our home. Green Gorge Park houses the Green Gorge Trail – a short 2-mile trail that is located within the gorge. Even though neighborhoods surround the park and trail, it is incredibly peaceful since the trail follows the stream and is completely surrounded by trees.

A week ago, we took a family hike on the Green Gorge trail. It was a perfect spring afternoon and we were all happy to get out of the house. Sophie was in doggy heaven since we let her roam off leash.

We did about half of the loop (crossing two bridges). Jack did great for the first third of our walk, then he abruptly stopped and said we needed to turn around and go back to the car. Since we figured we were close to halfway into our loop, we pushed on.

Closer to the halfway mark, Jack stopped us again and asked for water. Since we weren't walking very far we had not brought water. Instead Daniel carried Jack for the last leg. That seemed to pacify him until we could get him a water bottle.

We enjoyed our walk immensely and love that we live so close to this trail. Once Daniel is working less hours (he's been working 60 hours a week since the first of January), he intends to start doing shorter trail runs here.

The park is small and the trail isn't that long, which makes it perfect for taking a toddler. Next time we will take our kid carrier and walk for longer.

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