Friday, March 07, 2014

Words and Phrases: Toddler Edition

In the beginning when Jack was adding vocabulary, I really tracked everything. You can read about his first 50 words here and here. As he grows he is adding words and phrases in leaps and bounds. It never ceases to amaze me how sponge-like the brain of a child is.

Some of his phrases are sweet, some are funny and some are expressions of indendence. I love all of it. Here are a few of the phrases he has added this year (by no means everything he says, just the things that have stuck out to me that I want to remember).

Yeah, that's right. (when you guess what he is trying to say)
Come on Mommy... let's cook.

Cleem up (clean up).
You stay there.

I can do it.
I do it.
Can I do it?

Mecidine (instead of medicine)

Go down a mountain?
Go fast!
Look at more houses?

Me: Don't touch that.
Jack: I'm just looking.

Stay right there.
I'll be right back.

Come on mommy, (then looks at Daniel) come on daddy. Let’s build blocks.
My tummy hurts. My arms itch. (thanks to our experience with hives)

No Sophie, get down.
Can we slide (sled)?

One more time, OR Last time. 
(He doesn't understand that "one more time" and "last time" are the same thing, we're working on this!).

Watch "King George." (aka Curious George)

Daniel: We're moving to a new house.
“New house? That’s great!”

Stop! Stop! Stop unpacking, Mommy!
Wait for me.

I need to wiggle (when taking off pajamas).
I need a nose cleaner (Kleenex).

How about we go to the beach?
How about we go to Lee-why's house?
Can we dig dinosaurs? OR I want to dig dinosaurs. (aka: Can we go to the Creative Discovery Museum?)

I want app-a-sauce (applesauce). 
I want big snacks (fruit snacks).

I did it! I did it! I did it! (waves arms in air when he shouts this phrase)

Kids, I love kids!
I love chocolate milk!
I love friends!

People (when describing adults, he used to call all men "daddy" now he calls all adults "people").

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