Thursday, March 20, 2014

Why I Work Out

Some people work out to lose weight or get healthy, I work out for stress relief, to meet new people, and because it generally makes me feel good. I guess you could say it brings me joy.

A few weeks ago, my bootcamp instructor asked if I had lost weight. Nope, don't think so (though I rarely step on a scale). Then she asked if I had at least lost inches. At the time I didn't feel like my close fit any looser (I don't track that stuff either), so no again. However in the last week or so I have noticed that I look a bit trimmer and my clothes do feel looser (maybe it's psychological?).

Anyway if I don't work out at least three times a week I get cranky. It's a big reason I exercised so religiously when I was pregnant with Jack. It made me a lot more mellow (aka less hormonal) and it made me feel much better in general. These days I tend to be in a better mood if I get my endorphins pumping while also getting some precious "me" time. Plus Jack loves going to his "class" at the Y.

I don't always love working out. In fact I am the person in class who sighs a lot and rolls my eyes (in a joking fashion). This prompts my instructor to give me a hard time which in turn makes me work harder. It's all in good fun. Just don't ask me to get on a treadmill!

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