Friday, January 16, 2015

Baby #2: Second Trimester

It's hard to believe that this trimester is drawing to a close. Other than feeling huge, I haven't really wrapped my mind around the fact that I'm pregnant and that a baby will be here in 3 months. We have barely talked about names, have made zero attempt to do any nursery-related projects and I had a dream recently that the baby arrived and I hadn't even unpacked the baby clothes we already have. I guess it's time to focus on getting ready for this baby!

Here's my recap of my second trimester:

Week 13: Morning Sickness. 
The last couple of weeks I have had a late onset of (mild) morning sickness… not sure if it is normal to show up in second trimester. To those of you who deal with this through the entire first trimester (or your whole pregnancy), I have some serious empathy. It is not fun.

Week 14: Emotional. 
I have been feeling a lot more emotional lately (very different than I was with Jack). The good news is that most of my icky symptoms have subsided.

Week 15: Bloated. 
I can barely eat a few bites before I am bloated and miserable. I am not even big yet. I don’t remember feeling like this with Jack. It is a terrible feeling.

Week 16: Good. 
I am feeling good this week. I have been doing between 80 and 100 real pushups in BootCamp each week, which makes me proud of myself. I am finally looking a little bit pregnant.

Week 17: Sick. Sick. Sick. 
I started the week with a migraine that lasted two days. Then proceeded to get a sore throat and chest cold. I don’t remember being this sick and miserable when I was pregnant with Jack. I guess that is because it wasn’t wintertime. Also feeling a lot of irrational anxiety about the possibility of blood clots this week. I give myself daily injections of blood thinners as a precaution, but I have felt really nervous lately.

Week 18: Showing. 
I still haven’t gained any weight, but I finally really feel like I started to show. There is no questioning I am pregnant. There have been a few times I thought I have felt the baby moving, but not sure. It will probably be soon. Also my cold has now lingered for a full week. My voice sounds like a frog. I wake every morning at 3am, coughing. It appears that being pregnant during the winter months has a different kind of misery than being pregnant during the summer months.

Week 19: Kicks. 
I started feeling flutters last week and then they began to feel stronger in the days to follow. By Thanksgiving I was definitely feeling distinctive kicks. This baby is a lot different than Jack was in the kicking department.

Week 20: Heartburn. 
The heartburn really kicked it up a notch this week. I finally made the move to Nexium and my days are much better now. Kicking from the baby is also holding pretty steady. When I go to sleep and mid morning seem to be the busiest time for this baby’s kicks.

Week 21: Strong. 
I am over my chest cold and generally feeling great. I am able to do quite a bit in my workouts. I love to feel strong. I am definitely looking pregnant now and have even had strangers ask me about my pregnancy. My funniest experience was a lady at the mall who told me that I was tiny. It sort of made me want to giggle because I have never been tiny in my life. I have always had a more muscular build and the word “tiny” has never felt like it applied to my body shape. Anyways, it was a nice unexpected compliment.

Week 22: A Blur.
This pregnancy feels like a bit of a blur. With Jack I tracked every week and experience. This time everything is flying by too quickly to really analyze. I finally gained a couple of pounds, but can still wear most of my own clothes.

Week 23: Braxton Hicks. 
This was a surprise. I had some BH with Jack in the last trimester, but these seem early and strong. A weird side effect is that I sometimes get lightheaded when I have these contractions. I read online that this can be because there is extra blood in your system to support the pregnancy and when your body contracts, the blood flow stops temporarily, causing a bit of a head rush. Thus the light-headed feeling. It is very strange. I feel the need to lie down more and have been trying to drink more water to ward off the Braxton Hicks.

Week 24: Large. 
We have been busy celebrating Christmas with family. All of a sudden, I feel exceptionally large and it shows. In some photos, I feel like I look ginormous; in others, not so much. I guess it depends on the day, how much I have ate and what I am wearing. I have gained just over 5 pounds. Also, my belly button has popped out.

Week 25: Exhausted. 
After 10 days of visiting family and celebrating the holidays, I am beat. Back pain is becoming a normal thing. Thank goodness for ice packs. I haven’t worked out in almost 2 weeks and I am nervous about starting back up. Just hoping I don’t hurt myself! I tried to wear maternity pants this week because my normal jeans are getting uncomfortable when buttoned… the maternity jeans just fell off of me. Time to get a belly band!

Week 26: Pain. 
After 7 days with a severe head cold, I started having chest pain when I coughed. After 2 days, it became a constant pain that radiated from my chest and back. It was excruciating. The on-call doctor at my OB told me to get checked for pneumonia at a walk-in clinic. The walk-in clinic refused to do an x-ray (which I was fine with). After some discussion, we both agreed that the pain was muscular. The doctor cheekily told me to stop coughing and the pain would stop! He also prescribed me Amoxicillin to help me get over the sinus trouble. It’s been a rough week, but hopefully I will be on the mend soon. 

Week 27: Ahead of Schedule. 
This morning I had my Glucose test and OB visit. As to be expected, the glucose test was gross and I was starving by the time I was done. My OB said the fundal height of the baby was measuring 30 weeks instead of 27, so she wants me to get an ultrasound in 2 weeks to see what is going on. I have been feeling huge, but thought maybe it was all in my head (though I have gained about 12 pounds over the last month). This measurement confirms that I am measuring bigger. Also, I haven't had a specific diagnosis, but my OB seems to think I may have pleurisy from my cold (the one that has lingered for 2 weeks). She prescribed some stronger pain medicine to help take the edge off. It really has been 7 days of the worst pain I have ever experienced.

That pretty much wraps up the second trimester. Three months to go and Baby #2 will be home with us. 

Baby #2 First Trimester

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