Wednesday, January 07, 2015

What I Wore Wednesday, Baby Edition Week 24/25

I am linking up again with The Pleated Poppy for What I Wore Wednesday. I'm looking more and more pregnant, which means more people stop and ask about the pregnancy. I welcome the chance to talk about being pregnant since I had very few people ask when I was pregnant with Jack. I like sharing my news. 

I busted out the maternity jeans last week, thinking it was time, but they just fell off of me. I guess I need to get a belly band for this transitional period. I can still button up my normal jeans, but it's getting to be too uncomfortable. This post covers a 2-week period from Christmas Eve to the week of New Years.

Christmas Eve.
This was the first time I saw a picture of myself and thought, "Oh my word, I'm huge!"
Sweater is old. Striped shirt is Target Maternity, Jeans are Old Navy. Red Tennis shoes are old.
Photo taken in the evening.

Christmas Day.
My belly button has officially popped out.
Shirt is Target Maternity, Vest and Jeans are Old Navy. Chaco sandals are old.  
Photo taken in the mid afternoon.  

Running errands and cleaning my house, waiting on my family to arrive.
Plaid shirt and Jeans from Old Navy. 
Photo taken in the morning. 

Saturday after Christmas. I did a lot of cooking for our family Christmas celebration.
T-shirt is Target Maternity, Jeans are Old Navy.
Photo taken in the morning.  

New Year's Eve. Came down with a cold.
Buttoned up shirt and Jeans from Old Navy.
Photo taken in the mid afternoon. 
New Year's Day.
This maternity sweater was given to me. Jeans are Old Navy.
Photo taken in the morning.

Girl's Night Out on the Friday after New Years.
Sweater is old, Maternity shirt was given to me, Jeans are Old Navy.
Photo taken in the evening. 

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