Friday, January 09, 2015


You could say that the last couple of days have not exactly brought things to be thankful for. There were the freezing temps, frozen pipes, and a lingering sickness that has progressed to chest pain. But there really is plenty to be thankful for.

When I mentioned, on Facebook, that we had no water due to frozen pipes, we had many offers to come take showers. Then a friend put me in contact with her sister and brother-in-law. They texted me to make sure we were okay AND had their plumber call me directly at 9pm at night. Thankfully by that time, Daniel had managed to thaw the pipe that was frozen in our slab basement floor.

When the water came on, Jack came running into the living room and told me something was wrong with the water because it was pouring out brown into the bathtub. We flushed every faucet and have clean, running water again. Daniel had a lot of clean up to do in the mechanical room, and the sinks and tubs all need to be cleaned, but we have water and no pipes busted in the process!

I am thankful for that clean, running water and for friends and strangers who had suggestions and were willing to lend a hand or open their homes to us. I'm also thankful that Daniel was able to come home early and get the problem fixed – even if it meant staying up late.

I have had a head cold for the last 7 days and it progressed to severe chest pain yesterday. I called the on-call doctor late last night and they told me to go to a walk-in clinic to make sure I didn't have pneumonia. Thankfully, it appears that I just pulled muscle in my chest and back from coughing too hard. The doctor (cheekily) told me to stop coughing and the chest pain would stop. I am now on antibiotics and a heating pad and Tylenol for the pain. The pain is "yell out loud" intense when I cough, but thankfully it's not pneumonia.

Yesterday in the midst of not having water, and feeling progressively worse, Jack took the opportunity to dance and sing a made up song. He danced in the sunlight by the back door for a good 10 minutes. I love to see the joy my child finds in little things. He had no idea that we didn't have water or that mommy didn't feel well. He just wanted to dance in the sunshine, and for that I am thankful.

I am thankful that Daniel was able to take the day off work to take me to the doctor and to spend time with Jack while I try to get better. He is back on mandatory 6 day work weeks (starting this week), but was able to make me a priority. It will be hard for all of us in the coming weeks when he has to work long hours, but for today, I'm thankful that he is home and that Jack didn't have to be cooped up, sitting on the couch with his sick mama.

I am trying hard to focus on peace this year and to find the things to be thankful about, even during the days that feel hard.

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