Monday, April 20, 2015


As a part of getting to go home from the hospital we had to decide on a name for our newest little guy. And while we like "Frog Man" (due to how our little guy splays out his legs), we finally agreed on a more realistic name (Jack's vote for "Pizza Moore" did not make the cut). Without further ado, we would like to introduce you to Isaac Alexander Moore.

Interestingly neither Isaac nor Alexander were on our original list. 

The reason for Isaac is a bit of an emotional one for me. Being pregnant after my miscarriage brought on a lot of anxiety in my life. The entire pregnancy involved a conscious effort to let go of those fears daily. In addition to this fear came increased anxiety from the stress of having complications and risks due to polyhydramnios. The past 9 months have been one long lesson in giving over all of these fears to God, culminating in an emergency c-section where all I could do was pray that both the baby and I would come out ok and then trust God to take care of both of us. 

In keeping with the middle name for Jack, we wanted Baby#2 to have a name that would hold sentimental value in relation to a place that was special to us. 


For baby Isaac, we settled on the middle name Alexander after Alexander Cave located outside of Mountain View, Arkansas.

Daniel and I first met on a caving trip and took subsequent trips to Alexander. Alexander is a difficult cave with really amazing formations and rooms.


It is a truly awe-inspiring place and we hope to one day be able to take our boys to this wild cave.

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