Sunday, April 12, 2015

Paddling North Chick

This is the last week before Baby#2 arrives and I have really been desiring to spend some final time as a family of three. 

On Easter Sunday I actually brought up the idea of a quick paddle at North Chickamauga Creek, but Daniel nixed the idea and told me I needed to rest since I was battling a painful sinus headache. I begrudgingly heeded his advice and took a nap.

This Sunday I felt great and was not to be deterred. Forget that our taxes are due and I know Daniel needs some down time from his long work hours, I really wanted to do one family activity with just the three of us.

Jack must know that things are about to change because he has been incredibly sweet to me (more than usual). He pats my belly and asks if he can climb on me if he is gentle. He also has been giving me lots of sweet kisses on the cheek and loves to tell me that the reason he and Daniel bought me flowers for Easter is because they love me. 

Sophie must also know something is up because she has been shadowing me non stop. When your dog is underfoot it is very difficult to get any house work done.

As for our paddling trip, I decided we should go to North Chick with a put in at Greenway Farms behind the dog park. The water is flat and extremely peaceful. 

We only saw a few people fishing and it was incredibly quite for being in town. The water was pretty chilly (it is April afterall) so I am thankful we didn't fall in.

We still need to get Jack his own paddle. He whined for a while that he needed a grown up paddle. We got him a stick to "paddle" with, but while he liked dragging it through the water, it was not the same as having his own paddle. 

With a newborn entering our lives in less than a week, I don't know when we will be able to get back on the water. I'm pretty sure Jack and Daniel will have an opportunity before I will.

We are even considering the possibility of kayaks to make paddling with littles a bit more manageable. I'm just thankful that we were able to take Jack out today. 

Sadly for me, loading a heavy canoe, launching said canoe and paddling did not jump start my labor.

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