Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Baby Update: 39 Weeks (10 Days To Go)

Daniel stayed home from work today so that he could go to the OB with me. We are in the final stages after all. Jack is soaking up the extra time with his daddy – as I write this, they are outside changing a battery in a car with plans to wash all of the cars next.

I am still wrapping my head around the fact that we only have 10 days (at the most) before Baby#2 joins us. This past weekend Daniel and I finally committed to working on our list of names. We have narrowed it to 28 girl names and 22 boy names. We obviously need help... I think we are hoping we will just "know" when we see our sweet baby for the first time.

I am currently 2cm dilated and 80% effaced and the baby has dropped. I was fairly certain it must have dropped this past week because I can breathe and eat again and don't feel quite so miserable. My amniotic fluid is staying at a reasonable 22.5cm – so lower risks! I did lose 4 pounds this week. I am assuming that is water loss since I am barely swollen this week.

Over the weekend I experienced a horrific sinus headache that lasted 3 days. I thought my cheeks were going to explode. I am glad that has passed, but with allergy season upon, I may need to invest in a neti pot.

I have been more apprehensive lately as the time draws closer for this baby to come. With Jack, my water broke and I immediately knew that I was in labor. With my miscarriage, it was a similar experience, there was a moment when it was abundantly clear that things were going to start happening. With this labor, I have had a lot more uncertainty. I still get regular Braxton Hicks contractions – my stomach gets incredibly hard and uncomfortable and then 30 seconds later it stops. This has gone on for so long, I feel like I won't know when the time is real. 

I haven't done this list for this pregnancy, but here are a few of my numbers this time around:
368 prenatal vitamins swallowed.
91 baby names reduced to 50 (we only need 2).
22 OB visits checked off.  
14 ultrasounds.
10 Braxton Hicks contractions experienced on average every day.
10 days until our due date/induction. 
8 gender-neutral outfits purchased.
7.5+ pounds is approximately what Baby#2 weighs right now. 
5 pillows needed for sleeping.
2 nights in the hospital for pre-term labor.
1 crib, 1 rock 'n play and 1 carseat dug out of the basement and assembled.
1 final OB appointment and ultrasound scheduled for next week.
0 books read or classes attended pertaining to birth or parenting.

Baby #2, almost 39 Weeks

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