Friday, June 12, 2015

Chats with Jack ⎮ April-June, 2015

It's been awhile since I have had the time to post a "Chat with Jack" and it isn't because we have been lacking in interesting conversations... Life with a newborn doesn't leave a lot of time for blogging! These are the types of things Jack tells us out of the blue...

At bedtime, putting on jammies, Jack points to his nipples and says, What are these, mommy?
Me: It's your chest.
J: No, what are these? [again pointing to nipples]
Me: They are called nipples.
J: Do you have them? I want to see.
Me: Um, yes I have them and no you can't see them.

Do you trust me? [not sure where he heard this]

Why did God make it dark sometimes and sunny sometimes?

Watch me! or Look at me! [over and over ad nauseam]

Failing to adequately explain why the flowers come out in spring, I told Jack he would have to ask God...
J: Where is God?
Me: In Heaven
J: But where is God's house?
I changed the subject because I wasn't sure how to answer this to appease a 3 year old.

I need some kind of sharp sword to cut it [a package] open.

J: This is my house.
D: Where is daddy's house?
J: Your house is called work.
D: Where is mommy's house?
J: Here, she can live here with me.
D: Do you want me to live here?
J: Yes. I miss you every day.

Joke as told by Jack:
Did somebody say potato salad? [laughs hysterically]

When I drop Jack off at various places, he always asks:
J: Will you miss me mommy?
Me: Yes, I'll miss you. Will you miss me?
J: No. But I miss daddy.


I have a question for you: 
[proceeds to tell me something instead of asking a question]

Let me tell you why we bring you flowers: because we love you. 
[followed by a sweet hug]

Mommy, I brought you more flowers because the others were starting to be dead.
[brought new flowers on the day we came home from the hospital]

J: I just farted. I can't stop my farts.
D: It's ok to fart.
J: It's good for me to fart, Mommy.

I want chicken nuggets, chocolate milk, snacks and my Chapstick. That's all I need.

Mommy, do you want to go to preschool, the Y or the Discovery Museum today? 
Pick one.

We have four family now.

My baby likes me.
I think he likes me.

Us: Do mommy and daddy have rules?
J: Yes
Us: Does Nana have rules?
J: No
Us: Do Amy and Emily have rules?
J: Yes

What's our first mission?

Walmart has guns. [in reference to water guns]

Can I have a cinnamon? [he meant vitamin]

I love you all so much.

Well I guess I better get camping.

I want to go [to preschool] every tomorrow.

Can we ride in the car [in the middle of the night] every night? 
[in reference to trip to Children's ER in middle of night]

The button on the wall is in case you need to call the nurse if you need help. Or in case there's a monster. [in reference to nurse call button at hospital]

[sleep talking while sick]
J: Hey mommy? 
Me: Yes?
J: Babies drink warm milk and Jacks drink cold milk.
Me: Ok honey.
[falls back asleep]

J: We didn't lay on the blanket... we had a special thing that rolled and folded into a chair. Daddy had one and I had one. 
Me: Was it a creeper? 
J: Yep

That hurts my feelings [when Isaac cries]
When Sophie barks and Isaac cries, that hurts my feelings.

I want a dessert option. [after dinner]

No feet on the table. [told to Daniel]

When coffee goes in your tummy, the baby drinks milk and coffee.

Why's that truck towing a farm? [saw a truck hauling a shed behind it]

I like to go places that have roofs.

First I need to put it in neutral. [telling me about riding his bike]

[talking about Isaac getting bigger]
Me: Is his head bigger?
Jack: Yeah, just like mine.

Hotsquatch = Hop Scotch

J: I'm going to put it in fast neutral so I can go really fast.  
D: Do you have a need for speed jack? 
J: Yes, I have to go really fast before the timer runs out.


  1. Love these! Tood cute!

  2. Sounds A LOT like my little guy. I have to get better about recording this stuff. I love the "why is that truck towing a farm?" So awesome to see the world through their eyes. He sounds like a smart sweetheart.

    1. I am thankful for the technology of smart phones - I type things down when he says them. This age is so fun! I love reading about the things your son is doing and saying too :)


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