Monday, June 08, 2015

Parenting: Getting Over My Fear of Water

Growing up, I spent a lot of time around water. From swimming in the Pacific Ocean to swimming in pools, lakes and creeks. I taught myself how to swim at a young age and loved every moment.

At some point that love disappeared. Well, that's not entirely true. I still love water, but I hate to be in a swimsuit. Maybe it happened in college when I gained my freshman 15+, but I quit swimming. Daniel and I would take trips to the beach and we would bike, comb the beach or kayak, but we rarely got in the water

Then Jack came along and I felt like a change was needed. It wasn't fair to keep Jack from experiencing the joy of the water just because I don't like to wear swimsuits. 

Another issue is that with kids has come a fear of water that didn't exist before. I read articles about kids drowning or secondary drowning and I want to stay far, far away from water. Then there is the fact that I have fair-skinned kiddos... I think about the sun reflecting off the water and the fear of skin cancer creeps into mind mind and again, I just want to stay far, far away.

But the truth is, being a parent brings its share of fears and I can't let those fears deter me from letting my kids experience life to its fullest. So while last summer we only went to the pool twice, this summer I am determined to take my kids more regularly.

Yesterday our small group from church kicked off the summer with a pool party. Daniel and I have two of the youngest kids in our group. Thankfully Daniel was there to help me juggle Jack and Isaac. He spent the whole time in the pool with Jack and Jack loved it. I got in with Isaac for a bit and he was a bit more ambivalent about the experience.

I got teased for having my kids covered in long-sleeve rash guards and hats – not much skin exposed. But to be fair, I had forgotten our sunblock and even though it was after 4pm, I didn't want my kids to get burnt. 

Daniel and I are pretty laid back parents, but pools are one of the few places I am going to have to work on being more relaxed, while also being super watchful.

Here's to a safe summer spent with more time in the water.

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