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Isaac is Two Months Old

When Jack was 8 weeks old we thought he was huge, weighing in at 12lbs 11oz. But he has nothing on Isaac. At 8 weeks Isaac weighs 14lbs 13oz! My milk must be seriously rich.

Looking back at Jack at two months, it is fascinating to see how similar Isaac is to his big brother... He grunts like a little piggy with each feeding (though he is improving in this area). 

He wakes like clockwork at 3am and 5am each night. He can hold his head up, though it still bobbles some. And he is starting to coo and grab things.

Isaac has learned to close his fingers and grab onto my hair. And he has become fascinated with the rattle – he doesn't hold it yet, but watches intently if we shake it.

We survived his first round of immunizations. He was pitiful the day of, but a little Tylenol and lots of cuddles made things better.

With Jack we made great efforts to take him out with us, but I think that with Isaac we make even more of an effort. 

This probably has to do with 1) the fact that we are more sure of our parenting skills and 2) Jack still expects life to carry on as usual. So we just kind of expect Isaac to go along with whatever we are doing. And he does.

This month's firsts include dropping Isaac off at childcare at the Y, visiting a farm, going swimming, going on our first hike as a family of four, a trip to the Creative Discovery Museum with friends, and just continuing with life as usual (eating out, church, parks, play dates, grocery shopping, etc.). 

I'm so thankful that Isaac is an easy-going baby and just allows us to drag him along to everything we want to do!

Isaac has given us sweet smiles since he was born. Sometimes we even get a laugh. Most recently he will respond with a big grin if you grin at him.

He also has an incredible pouty lip and a pitiful whimper of a cry.

I would say that Isaac's favorite thing to do – by far – is sleeping. The boy will sleep anywhere. Even in the pool when we go swimming!

Speaking of sleeping, Isaac still sleeps in our room – he was a bit congested this month and we're not comfortable having him away from us until we feel like he is breathing better. Though he has almost outgrown the Rock-N-Play that we have had him sleeping in, so we may be moving him sooner than we're ready.

On the topic of growth, Isaac is 100+ percentile on weight (14lbs 13oz). At 23.5 inches long, he is in the 90th percentile on height and his big head is 96th percentile at 42cm. I have retired all of the newborn clothes and he wears 3-6 month stuff.

He is one big dude. As Daniel says, "I can see him growing every time he eats." Thank goodness for the weight training I have done is all I can say.

We have had quite a few people tell us that Isaac looks like Daniel. Daniel is jokingly offended since now that Isaac is big and bald, they think he looks him.

I know that Isaac is only 2 months old, but I'm wondering if he is starting to teeth already. He gnaws on his paci (or my finger) and drools constantly.

We have been using cloth diapers with Isaac about 80% of the time. Out and about, disposable seems to work better. Especially when it is hot and I plan to carry him in the Ergo baby carrier (which we do often).

Over the last couple of weeks we started sitting Isaac in the high chair (at a reclined position) so that he can be with us during dinner. He is very social and I think he feels left out when we eat and don't include him. This also works (some of the time) when I'm cooking – I just sit him in the high chair so he can watch.

Jack is a great big brother. He is very gentle with Isaac and holds him, offers to rock him, pats his head or shakes the rattle for him. 

I know he is anxious for Isaac to be more interactive, but this stage has been sweet too. 

*As with Jack, I will be posting monthly updates of Isaac on a quilt (inherited from my Grandma), next to a yellow Tonka truck (a toy from Daniel's childhood). Isaac at One Month

A Look Back: Jack at One Month  |  Jack at Two Months
(We used a quilt from Daniel's family for the Jack photos, along wit the Tonka truck from Daniel's childhood).


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