Thursday, January 14, 2016


I have been making great efforts to get outside with our boys, daily. Yesterday Jack requested we go to one our local parks.

It was 42º and, even though it was sunny, we were the only people there. Jack enlisted me to play Octonauts with him – Jack was Kwazi and I was Captain Barnacles and we were saving fish in the sea from danger. This game lasted until a set of twins arrived. Then the game changed to children fending off bad guys with their swords.

The play was loud and rambunctious and what you would expect of four year olds. Climbing and jumping, and perhaps some pushing and shoving as well.

As they played, the care taker of the twins mentioned to me that the two children in her care had lost their father just last week. She only told me because the twins are 4 years old and they had been telling people that their daddy was in heaven. She wanted me to be prepared in case they told Jack.

The children did not tell Jack, but my heart ached for them just the same. I ache for their mother and their older siblings, who I am sure are still feeling the sting of such unexpected loss.

I'm glad that Jack could be a distraction for these new friends, if only for day. I'm still turning it over in my head. Tell your loved ones you love them. Every. Single. Day. We have no promise of tomorrow.

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