Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Outside 365 | July 2016

I recently read a post about lazy parenting and I have to confess that this is a parenting philosophy that I lean toward. The idea is that my laziness will cause my kids to develop independence and skills sooner than if I just did everything for them. Or maybe I've just confessed to the internet that I am lazy. Either way, if you are a parent, the post is worth a read.


We have just wrapped up our 7th month of intentionally spending a portion of every day outdoors. As I write, Isaac is napping and Jack and I are enjoying a cool morning on our back deck. The month of July has provided some much needed rain in our area of the country, and we have taken advantage of the cloud cover and breezes that have blown our way. And sometimes we just go play in the rain.

We kicked of the month of July outside as a family celebrating our country's independence. We took a trip to Florida to see cousins where we were able to spend a day at the beach. We hung out at playgrounds and swam with friends. We saw a play at a local outdoor amphitheater. And we took family bike rides. Our most exciting news is that Jack taught himself how to ride a bike.

Lazy or not (I guess that is relative to each person), it was another good month in the books.

A Look Back at Project Outside 365:
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