Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Start of Preschool 2016, Jack's 4s Class

Yesterday Jack started his last year of preschool. This mama was ready for him to go back, but I am also a little sad that this is his last year at preschool. We have been so blessed by the teachers and friends we have made here.

When I picked him up, I asked, "Did you have a good day?" 

And he said... "No."

Not what I was expecting. It turns out, he did have a great day, but he got a stomach ache at lunch. By the time I got him home, he had a low-grade fever. Poor guy.

Did I mention that I had walked to pick him up and he felt all puny. Thankfully a good family friend was able to take him home, while I jogged the half mile home with Isaac. Not exactly how we expected to kick off our school year.

Evidently strep is going around our little community. I had Jack checked today and it seems that he just had a fluke 24-hour bug. Tummy ache and fever. Check. He was negative for strep so he can resume school tomorrow.

The last few weeks have been hard. The week before our vacation, Isaac had a case of roseola. Vacation was a much needed break, and then this week Isaac developed hand, foot and mouth. Poor guy is getting hammered with these early childhood illnesses and this mama is tired from being stuck at home. Hopefully the HFM will clear up soon and we can resume life as normal. I am thankful that Jack already had both roseola and HFM, I'm praying Isaac doesn't pick up whatever bug Jack just had and that this school year is a good one and relatively sickness free!
Here is a little about Jack at the start of Preschool 2016, 4s Class:

My teachers this year are: Mrs. Shelby and Mrs. Sarah
I am: 4.5 years old
I am: 42.5 inches tall and weigh 40 pounds.
My best friend's name is: Sully and Wyatt, also Drew and Theo and Audrey. All the friends are my best friends.
My favorite thing to play is: Playing on the big playground. I mean snorkeling. The Pumpkin Patch, but we don't do it every day.
My favorite color is: Green
My favorite book is: Robot Zot
My favorite TV show is: Noodle McDoodle
My favorite food is: Pizza. Burrito. Spaghetti.
When I grow up, I want to be: Leonardo, the Ninja Turtle.
Something I really like: Snorkeling
Something I don't like: People taking my toys.
My favorite thing about myself is: My Hands. Cause I can use them to pick stuff up.
Something I want to do this year: I can't wait to start school.

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