Monday, November 14, 2016

Happy 5th Birthday Jack!

I keep telling myself that there will come a day when I am all caught up. But the reality is, this is the season of life that we are in. Between being sick (or dealing with allergies) and the general busy-ness of the end of the year, I feel perpetually behind. The good news is that I am not stressed that I didn't sit down and blog sooner, I'm just thankful that I have a few quiet moments right now.

Five. That seems like such a big number. Jack will start kindergarten next year and we will enter into yet another season of life. I'm not ready. But ready or not, it is coming.

Jack continues to love people and never meets a stranger. For his birthday party, we actually had to limit his guest list, and even with some friends unable to attend, we had a packed house.

This little guy of ours, the one who first made us parents, continues to teach us so much about life and how to parent. I know we make mistakes with him but there is a lot that I think we are managing to get right.

Jack is enamored with numbers right now. He has been counting to 100+ for over a year now and in the last few months figured out adding and subtracting with his fingers. He especially loves to tell us what different numbers add up to.

Letters also fascinate him and he knows what sounds go with what letters. I need to be more intentional with his learning since he is expressing interest, but I know he will learn to read with or without me.

Jack learned to ride his bike this summer and has enjoyed perfecting new skills including hopping curbs and riding down hills that are scary to him. We are proud of him for teaching himself and also trying new things. Sometimes he falls down, but he gets back up again, and that is really all that matters.

We have tried several sports over the past year – gymnastics, T-Ball, and soccer. I don't know that Jack will be our athletic kid, but he definitely enjoys being active. He was more inclined to be distracted during group sports, but loves to ride his bike, run on the trails and hike with us. This summer he also discovered a love for snorkeling and paddling our kayak with us.

We are so blessed to have this spunky, loving child in our lives. We can't wait to continue to grow up with him.

My next blog post will recap Jack's birthday party. He had a bit of a prolonged week/weekend celebration. We celebrated with donuts at preschool on Thursday, at El Metate on Friday (his actual birthday), with friends at his birthday party on Saturday, and with some of our family on Sunday. It was a crazy week for us, but Jack loved every moment!!!

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