Saturday, November 26, 2016

Thanksgiving 2016

This was our year to celebrate Thanksgiving with Daniel's family, so we made the drive to the Nashville area once we were up and moving.

We actually went to my brother's house first. He is currently car-less and therefore stuck at home for the holidays. We used this opportunity to see his brand new house and then bring him along with us to the Moore Thanksgiving meal.

Daniel's youngest sister, Emily, hosted our gathering this year. We arrived about half-an-hour before dinner was served, and our boys made themselves right at home.

Isaac still isn't saying a lot of words, but he excitedly pointed to Emily's dogs through the glass door and shouted "daw" over and over. I think the dogs were equally enamored.

The dogs snuck inside at one point and gave both Jack and Isaac big, wet kisses. Neither Jack nor Isaac liked this greeting, but they were good natured about it.

During dinner, Jack was trying to get out of eating all of the food on his plate. We encouraged him to at least try everything.

Initially he tried to tell us that his sweet potato casserole was yucky, but we insisted he had to try it.

As he took his first bite, his expression was priceless. His eyes lit up and he said, "The sugar in these sweet potatoes makes my mouth happy." He insisted on seconds and we were sent home with leftovers since he loved it so much.

I have to say that the hit of the day was our boys drinking their boiled custard. This is a thick, sweet drink that I had never heard of before meeting the Moores. My kids love it. Jack has had it before, but this was a first for Isaac. He was cracking us up with his expressions as he sipped the liquid goodness.

We had a delicious meal and enjoyed getting caught up with everyone before heading our separate ways. Isaac fell asleep as soon as we were on the interstate and Jack fell asleep after the sun set. We have so much to be thankful for, but family tops the list.

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