Saturday, December 31, 2016

New Year's Eve Hike: Snooper's Rock (Outside 365 | December 2016)

We ended 2016 much like we started it: with a cold-weather hike. To celebrate the last day of the year we knew we wanted to be outside together, but we weren't sure if the weather would cooperate with us. 

With rain in the forecast, we knew we might have a small window. Add in a morning nap for Isaac and things weren't looking too promising.

Then instead of rain, we suddenly had unexpected snow. They were just little flurries and they were more like sleet, but we would take snow-like precipitation over rain any day. Rainy hikes when it is cold can be miserable, but snow/sleet has the possibility of being magical.

So our hike was a go. We got the boys dressed in warm layers and hustled them out the door with Sophie and snacks in tow as well. 

With rain still looming, we wanted something relatively short and I wanted views. So we headed to Snooper's Rock in a section of Prentice Cooper State Forest that is farther from our house. We have been to this view once before and I knew it would be easy, even if it was chilly.

And I was right. Isaac hiked the whole 0.3 miles to the bluffs before being put in the Kid Carrier and Jack had no problem navigating the trails and listening to us on the cliffs. It never did rain on us, but we could hear the sleet gently falling in the trees around us. 

With lots of layers, hats and gloves for the kids, we were in good shape for the quick out-and-back hike.

I'm so grateful that we were able to end the year spending some time together on the trail... even if it was under a mile round trip, and less than an hour outside. It still counts!

We have worked hard to be outside with our kids this year. From that first New Years Day Hike to hours and hours spent on playgrounds with friends. We have been outside rain or shine. The colder months found us inside more (the month of December fell into that category), but we still tried. And I think that is what matters.

I hope that our kids remember great adventures with us every year. From this year, I hope they can look back at this blog and see that we hiked and paddled and camped and swam and biked our hearts out. 

They will hopefully look back and see that we made friends who were willing to play with us, even if the weather wasn't perfect. And that mostly, we had lots of fun with nature as our playground.

Goodbye 2016 and our Project Outside 365. We will continue to strive to spend as many moments outside as we can.

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