Friday, December 02, 2016

Outside 365 | November 2016

November was the first month since March that we did not spend a portion of every single day outside (though we did come close!). 

First we had poor air quality days thanks to the smoke from the wildfires, and the time change is making it harder to get outside in the evenings. 

When the days were longer, Daniel took the boys to the park before bed. Now that the sun sets at 5:30pm, that is not happening as much. But we are still getting out as much as possible (I think we were only inside for 4 days this month). 

Besides our usual playground time, Jack had weekly soccer games that had us outside every Saturday morning. Thankfully we only froze during the very last game!

This month we surprised Isaac with his first bike. He is super pumped. It is a Strider bike without pedals and he loves pushing it all over the park. He currently says about 10 words and BIKE is one of his favorites!

For my birthday, Daniel and I went off roading on local trails while our kids had fun at the park with their Nana and Aunt Emily.

For Jack's birthday party, we had the kids go explore for hidden treasure. They followed clues that led them around our property and across the street to the park, and finally back home to hit a pinata.

We also toured replicas of the Nina and Pinta boats and had a chance to go cardboard sledding with friends.

And on Black Friday, we chose to Opt Outside, taking our boys to hike the Cumberland Trail to Rainbow Lake and then on to Edward's Point. Jack and Daniel got to climb a fairly large crack in a bluff and Jack set a personal hiking record of 4 miles round trip. It was a great way to end our month!

The weather has cooled a bit, but hopefully we will finish the year strong as we continue to put an emphasis on making sure we all get plenty of time outdoors.

A Look Back at Project Outside 365: 
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