Thursday, December 07, 2017

Nature Day: The Boulders

A physical therapist that I was seeing last fall had suggested that I check out The Boulders on Old Wauhatchie Pike on the side of Lookout Mountain. It's a relatively new spot (that is technically for bouldering/climbing), but there is a short trail that meanders among the huge boulder climbs.

My PT lady said the trail actually continues all the way to St. Elmo – she and her husband like to park and walk to eat at Mojo Burrito and then hike back. Jack and I didn't have time on this trip, but I would like to go back with the whole family and make it all the way to Mojo!

Jack loved the Boulders! We had fun discovering all of the signs with the names of the different boulders, including The Edge, The Turtle, The Bulge, and the Slide. The Edge was Jack's favorite.

Our lesson for today's hike was about Winter Birds, and we saw plenty!

At the end of our hike, Jack spent some time rolling down the grassy hill. As we prepared to leave, I had a sinking sensation... my car keys were not in my coat pocket (I normally keep them in my back pocket).

I might have started to panic, but decided to retrace my steps... we had covered just over a mile in a loop. I debated walking in reverse verses looping in the same direction. I decided to do that latter.

I tried my best to follow my path up the grassy hill and by some miracle found the keys almost immediately! Thankfully I didn't have to call Daniel and confess that I had lost the keys!

This is a great little hike, with lots of formations. As we were leaving, a couple showed up with bouldering mats (you place them below where you are climbing so you will have a softer landing when you fall). We will have to come back when it warms up and watch people climb – the kids would love that!

Notes from the hike:
Location: The Boulders in Old Wauhatchie Pike (side of Lookout Mountain)
Date: Dec. 7, 2017
Time: 9:30-10:30pm
Weather: 40F, overcast
Observations: We saw many different birds and rock formations.

Check back on Thursdays to see where our nature studies have taken us...
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