Monday, August 08, 2011

Double Date Night: Urban Stack

Saturday night we met up with good friends, Chris and Courtney, for dinner at Urban Stack in downtown Chattanooga.

This was a "grown ups only" night out. Courtney said their kids were sad not to be included, but were excited about a night of pizza and movies at their grandparents. Courtney also mentioned that her 6-year-old son, Andrew, had inquired if we were going to talk about inappropriate things since there would be no kids around. Kids are so funny – thanks for sharing that with us Court.

Daniel was thankful to have a night where we talked about things other than baby stuff {after our experience registering at Baby's R Us, I think he is getting warn out on the topic}. Hopefully we didn't bore Courtney and Chris too much – though it is helpful to get advice from friends who already have kiddos.

Urban Stack has been on my list of places to try out in Chattanooga for a while. They are a gourmet burger bar that didn't disappoint. We got right in at 6PM on a Saturday night and stayed for almost two hours. We started off sharing homemade potato chips with a pimento cheese dip that was amazing. I really wanted to try the Gourmet Bacon Cheeseburger but opted out since I am preggo and am not supposed to eat soft cheeses. Courtney tried it and really liked it. I had a mushroom burger that was excellent, but I am looking forward to going back after November to try that gourmet burger with the bleu cheese. I can't remember what the guys had, but everyone was happy at the end of the night with their food choices.

This is a burger bar that we will definitely be visiting again.

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