Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Our IKEA Couch: L-Shaped is now U-Shaped

Back in January of 2010, we purchased the 3+2/2+3 Karlstad couch {in Korndal brown} from IKEA. We also picked up the matching chaise {in light gray/blue– a fabric that is no longer offered} and an extra cover {in Korndal brown} so that we could add it to our sectional if we ever felt the need.

You can see part of the couch in bottom lefthand corner of picture and a small part
of the chaise on the far right – this image is of the basement in our Charlotte house.

Since November of 2010 we have been in a new house and I have been bothered by the configuration of our bonus room. 

Jack was sure that he could help.

It is really long and just felt like an awkward use of space and was particularly uncomfortable for visiting when we had company {great for TV watching, but that was about it}.

Last year we added a recliner to the room so that I would have a comfortable seat for nursing.

Again, it was great for watching TV but terrible for visiting. Our living area downstairs is best for visiting {no TV} but we always seem to end up in the bonus room at some point.

I had been thinking about this dilemma for sometime when it struck me that we could add the chaise to the couch, converting it from an L-shape to a U-shape and then move the recliner so that it was facing the couch instead of the TV.

Voila! Problem solved. 

No more awkwardness and we now we have a couch that is 10+ft long. The only downfall is that we may never sit next to each other to watch TV again!

As a bonus, about 1/3+ of the room is semi-empty, which is great for little ones to play. This also gives me an excuse to shop for more furniture and I certainly need to think about what kind of art can go on the walls...

Daniel will tell you that our top priority is to get curtains to eliminate the glare on the TV.

Follow up: After 2 years, we are still happy with our IKEA purchase. It is holding up to a dog {and baby} very well. Since we didn't spent a fortune on this enormous couch, we don't have to worry too much when it gets fur on it or spit up or drool, or whatever dogs and babies will do to it. Later I will share my favorite tip from Pinterest on how to remove dog fur. It is AMAZING.

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