Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Pin It: Removing UnWanted Dog Fur

By far, this is the best tip that I have come across on Pinterest. Ever since we got Sophie, I have struggled with a way to get the dog fur off of our couch. Our leather couch is easy – you just wipe it down, but our cloth sofa has been a pain.

We have tried keeping a blanket on the area of the couch she predominantly sits on... More often than not, she is cuddled on other parts of the sofa.

I have tried using a tool designed for removing dog hair... I have tried duct tape... I have tried vacuuming my couch... I have tried shop vac-ing my couch. So many things and none of them work. We could always kick Sophie off the couch, but it doesn't bother us bad enough to do that. Basically I have been doing my best to control the dog fur and ultimately fighting a losing battle.

Then I came across 2 different ideas on Pinterest. The first suggested you use a window squeegee to removed pet fur from carpets. We happened to own one, so I figure I would give it a try.

The second suggested you use a rubber cleaning glove and rub your hand over your furniture. The friction of the rubber on the cloth pulls the fur out.

I decided to try both. It is like MAGIC. The squeegee is great for big, flat sections of cushions. The gloves are great for more rounded sections of cushions and rounding up all the loose fur into a pile that can be easily vacuumed up. No more random hairs stuck in the weave of the cloth. No more spending hours vacuuming my couch with a big, clunky shop vac!

I try to do this once a week (it doesn't take very long) and it really makes a huge difference.

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