Saturday, September 01, 2012

Birthday Celebrations Continue

Daniel's birthday was low-key, but living closer to family gives us more opportunities for quick day trips to celebrate... even if it is just a quick lunch and cupcakes.

We enjoyed our quick visit, though Jack struggled through the last hour. Next time, we will bring the pack n play so he can squeeze in an afternoon nap.

It was Daniel's birthday, but Jack might have stolen the show... Just a little.

Daniel's sister picked up cupcakes from The Painted Cupcake in Nashville. We sampled the Lemon Drop, Strawberry Fields, Always Chocolate, Cookies and Dreams and Peanut Butter Surprise Cupcakes. All were excellent. Favorites were Always Chocolate and Strawberry Fields, but all five flavors were all delicious.

We will have to keep them in mind the next time we want a really great cupcake.

Painted Cupcake on Urbanspoon

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