Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Creative Discovery Museum

There are very few times that I go an entire day without checking my email. Yesterday was one of those days. It was kind of a shock to actually look at my email at 10pm and realize that I have projects that need attending! Oops... It's a good thing nothing was on a tight deadline.

Daniel took an extra day off for the long weekend {he had some comp time he needed to use} and we met up with my sister and her kiddos to go explore the Creative Discovery Museum in Chattanooga.


We actually met in South Pittsburg and dropped our car off so that we could have some extra time for visiting on the way there, and we got to ride in the mini van to decide if it is something we would ever want... 

I am in the "NO mini van, NO station wagon, NOT EVER" camp. 

While Daniel is in the "don't let the preferences of your 20-year-old self determine the needs of your 30-year-old self" camp. Either way it is a discussion is for another day.


It was a rainy Tuesday, kind of perfect for taking two babies and a 3-year-old to roam around a kid's museum. 

It was good for Izzy to be able to use up some of her abundant energy and it will be great in a year or two when the boys can really get involved in the playing.


Mostly they are in the observing and crawling around stage; content with basic toys and books.


It was nice that there were not a million kids there. I think that I would have hated it if there had been.


Daniel was impressed that there was a working lock in the water section.

I thought the music area was pretty cool. I really liked that it was so interactive.


We didn't spend much time in the electricity section but Daniel said it was pretty neat.


Digging for dinosaur bones was fun for Izzy. Jack just wanted to eat the sand. 

Since it was raining, we couldn't go out on the roof top, next time we go we will have to make sure we go during the week, on a sunny day, when bigger kids are in school. You can just order up days like that, right?

For lunch, we walked two blocks to The Blue Plate. In the rain. My sister, Angela, is super mom and was prepared with not one, but two umbrellas. She and her kids stayed dry. We, on the other hand, had no rain gear. At least Jack stayed relatively dry in the stroller under the shade. Daniel and I got wet. Thankfully it wasn't a cold wet.

Lunch was good. I had a BLT made with heirloom tomatoes from a farm on Signal Mountain. Daniel had the Cheeseburger with Sweetwater Valley Buttermilk Cheddar. Angela had a veggie plate with Mac N Cheese, Broccoli and Grilled Green Beans. The Grean Beans were on the crunchy side {we like ours soft} but the rest was delicious. Burgers come with chips instead of fries and we had to request slices of tomato and pickles {evidently those don't come with kids burgers}. We also tried the Fried Pickles – they were really good, not greasy at all. Our waiter did a good job of keeping us and our kiddos happy.

The Blue Plate on Urbanspoon

We walked back to the museum after lunch {in a downpour}. 

There was a tinker toys exhibit upstairs. It was probably more suitable for older kids, but Izzy enjoyed it. We also took a break in the library and let the kids crawl around.

Levi managed to pass out in the stroller for a short afternoon nap and Jack conked out for a little while in the Moby, so I would say our play date was a success.

Funniest moments of the day: 

We thought it was hilarious that my sister walks so fast that she was an entire block ahead of us on the walk to lunch. 60-pound stroller and all. I don't know how she moves this fast – I had to run to keep up with her on the walk back to the museum in the rain.

Angela took a photo of me and Jack during lunch. Just as Jack picked up a fork and I grabbed it from his hand. At least it wasn't a knife, but my expression was pretty funny.

When we were loading up to leave, I was the last person to get in the van. When I went to shut the hatch door of the trunk, all of the water that had been accumulating while we loaded the van dumped right down the front of my shorts... Good thing we were headed home!

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