Sunday, January 06, 2013

Christmas, Part II

This year was a little abnormal when it came to our Christmas traveling. Typically my parents would come to Nashville to celebrate a big holiday with us. But this year, some family circumstances prevented that from occurring. So we decided to make the trek over to Searcy instead.

We spent Christmas day with my brother and sister and her family, with plans for all of us to head to Searcy at the end of the week, after my sister finished her nursing shifts.

Then on Christmas day, Arkansas was hit by a pretty big snow storm. I believe there were actually "blizzard" warnings for parts of the state. My parents received about 6" of snow and many were without power in central Arkansas.

Since we weren't headed to their house for another day, we decided to see how things played out. In the end, my brother decided to hitch a ride with Daniel, Jack and I. On the other hand, Angela and her family decided that with the weather conditions and recent sickness, it was too much for them to try to go this year. They were certainly missed!

Once in Searcy, we found that the roads were in pretty good shape and thankfully my parents still had power.

Jack got to experience his first snow and Grandpa Voyles even pulled out a toboggan for a little "sledding." He also spent the weekend practicing/showing off his newly acquired walking skills for everyone.

We enjoyed visiting with my folks. Everyday we also drove over to my Grandma's house to spend some time with her – she fell back in September and has been confined to a bed ever since.

We were also able to visit my uncle Keith in the hospital – he had a heart attack the day after Christmas. He is home now recovering. We are thankful we were able to see him.

Daniel and I managed to sneak in a date night; we also had breakfast at Bobby's; and we even squeezed in Jack's first hair cut.

I am so thankful we were able to spend some time with my parents, even if the weather wasn't what we expected.

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