Thursday, February 14, 2013

Thursday Things: Valentine's Day 2013

10 Things You May Not Know About Me and Daniel

1) We met on a caving trip in the spring of 2001 – shortly after Valentine's Day, I believe.

2) The only year we bought Valentine's gifts was the first year we were dating {I think we knew that we would get married}.

3) That gift {investment} was rapelling gear. 

4) We took my family rapelling at "B" Rock in Searcy to celebrate this day of love.

5) We ran into my parents on our first date – this was probably the biggest negative to going to college in the same town your parents live in. 

6) Daniel was the first {and only} person I ever dated, so I felt very awkward seeing my parents.

7) Our first date included dinner at Colton's Steakhouse; Taming of the Shrew at HU {where we saw my parents during intermission and Daniel may have called my Canadian mother "ma'am"}; followed by an epic amount of time talking and drinking coffee at Midnight Oil.

8) Daniel does not enjoy plays or musicals. Especially musicals. I think I manage to drag him to one every other year {if I'm lucky}. *He must have really liked me to take me to see a play on our first date!

9) Our favorite song when we were dating was "Stick Shifts & Safety Belts" by Cake.

10) Today our favorite song is "All I Want Is You," the Tristan Prettyman cover of a Barry Louis Polisar song.

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