Monday, September 09, 2013

Florida's Highest Point // Vacation Day 1

To prepare for our trip south, we had a whirlwind of unpacking, washing clothes, repacking and loading the car. In true Moore fashion, the packing didn't begin until late Friday night. I crashed around midnight and Daniel stayed up trying to figure out how to get all of our stuff into our vehicle.

Saturday morning, we weren't in a huge hurry, but managed to be in the car by around 9am. The only problem was that Sophie was nowhere to be found. We called and whistled for her. I drove down our street and out to the highway searching for her. Then Daniel got the four wheeler out while I continued to shout her name.

We live in the country, close to a highway, and in the three years we have been in our home a majority of the dogs on our street have disappeared. We were hoping Sophie hadn't joined their ranks. Especially not at the start of our vacation.

In a last ditch effort, Daniel took Jack with him on the four wheeler to explore the hayfield across the street and I ran inside to make sure Soph hadn't gotten locked into a bathroom or bedroom. I started downstairs, checking behind every door and piece of furniture. I made my way upstairs to the guest room and back to the bonus room where I discovered her laying behind our recliner. Just hanging out. I told her to come and she just wagged her tail at me. Either she thought we were leaving her and didn't want to get her hopes up or she was just tired of traveling. Either way, I convinced her to come outside with me.

An hour later after we were ready to leave, we were finally on our way.

On our way to Miramar Beach, we stopped in Lakewood, Florida to check out the highest point in the state. It is located in Lakewood Park and was only 10 minutes out of our way.

Everyone was happy to get out of the car and stretch our legs. This is the easiest high point I have visited to date. We snapped some photos and finished out the last leg of our trip.

--- Highest Points I have been to at the time of this post: Mt. Magazine, AR; Mt. Elbert, CO; 
Mt. Mitchel, NC; Mt. Rogers, VA; Clingman's Dome, TN; Mt. Washington, NH,  
Brasstown Bald, GA; Cheaha Mountain, AL; Lakewood Park, FL ---

After arriving at our condo, we unloaded and Daniel took Sophie on a walk. Jack and I enjoyed our view from the balcony and a gorgeous sunset. When Daniel came back we drove down the street to Captain Dave's on the Gulf.

It was already dark, but we enjoyed sitting on the patio and listening to the ocean. Daniel had a fish sandwich with fries while Jack and I shared Capt. Dave's Seafood Platter. It was decent food, but not our favorite of the week. The biggest negative is that people can smoke outside at restaurants. Thankfully the gulf breeze helped keep the air clean!

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