Monday, September 30, 2013

Lupi's Pizza Pies

If you are in Chattanooga and are in the mood for good pizza, you really need to check out Lupi's on Broad. On a Sunday night it was not overly crowded, but definitely busy. The atmosphere is psychedelic (similar to Mellow Mushroom) but the pizza was much better.

Lupi's pizza is topped with fresh, local ingredients, though at a premium price. They also offer a whole wheat crust that was extremely good. If you need gluten free, that is on their menu as well. We really enjoyed our experience here, it is now in our Top Five favorite pizza places ever.

Random story from our parking experience. We noticed scores of black birds flying overhead as we circled to find a parking spot close to Lupi's. Luckily we found one within a block of the restaurant. As a I turned off the car, we heard a plop and looked up to see bird poop land squarely on the windowshield in front of us. It then dawned on us what parking under hundreds of birds in trees meant... plop. plop. plop.

Daniel unbuckled Jack from the back and pulled him into the front seat with us (Daniel's exit would be onto the street, farther away from the birds). Plop. We counted to three, opened the doors and ran from the car. Thankfully nothing plopped onto us.

After dinner, we came back to a car covered in bird poop. And the birds had not left. plop. plop. plop. We sprinted to the car and somehow missed all of the birds' lovely presents. Note to self... do not park under trees when there are so many birds flying about!

I had to go get the car washed today.

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