Thursday, September 26, 2013

Thursday Things {Random, September 2013}

1. It has been a really trying couple of weeks. It might have to do with the fact that we have been in a hotel for 8 out of the last 11 days. It could have to do with the knowledge that Daniel is probably going to get busier at work very soon and we are trying like mad to find a livable place to rent (for cheap). Or it is knowing that we still have to sell a house in Hollywood (one that we have yet to put on the market). There are still so many unknowns and we are trying to make good decisions by basically guessing. We are stressed to the max.

2. My brother came to visit us last week for two days. He cooked for us and just hung out. He helped me pull staples out of a chair that I am recovering. He told me that I was being too picky about the rental house thing. I'm trying to take his advice. You can do anything/live anywhere for a few months, right? We have a lot on our plates right now but I enjoyed hanging out with my little bro and I'm thankful that he came for a visit.

3. I removed the blog RocketCityMom from my Feedly reader. It makes me a little sad, but we really aren't spending much time in Huntsville at this point, so it seemed silly to be in the know about kids activities that we can't attend. If you live in the Huntsville area, and have kids, I would highly recommend this blog as a resource.

4. Jack's newest phrase is: Oh my goodness. It's exactly how I feel about the news. I just can't watch or read it any more. Is it just me or is our world getting worse and worse. What is wrong with people?

5. I tried a new (to me) Bootcamp class at the Hixson Y this week. The ladies working out were all really friendly. Several of them have 2-year-olds so I am in good company.

6. I'm finding that most of my conversations are pretty awkward these days.
Make sure you come back for the Thursday bootcamp class.
I would love to, but... 
I'm not here on Thursdays.
I don't live here.
My life is kind of crazy.

Where do you live?
in a hotel.
in a vacation house rental.
in Hollywood, Alabama.
If you bought a Y pass you would probably exercise more.
Well, that is true, but... 
I'm only here 3 full days a week.
my child is in the midst of a big transition and I can't always show up at stuff.
I don't actually live here.

Can we hang out on X day?

I would love to, but I will be in Chattanooga then.
I would love to, but I will be in Alabama then.
See you in church on Sunday/Wednesday!
We wish we could, but unfortunately we will be in Huntsville on Sunday.
We wish we could, but unfortunately we will be in Chattanooga on Wednesday.

What are your plans/when are you moving?
It's hard when you are neither here nor there. Not fully anyways.

7. Yesterday I took Jack to a toddler story hour at one of the Chattanooga libraries. It was geared towards 18-36 month olds. At 22 months, Jack was a little on the young side of this spectrum. They had little squares of remnant carpet set up in a semi-circle. Each child was to sit on their square with a parent behind them. This proved to be a difficult task for my little one. He wanted to lay down or stand up or roll around. He thought it was great fun to stand and fall backward into my lap or to try to inch his way toward the reader. I am sure that it was a good experience for him and we will go back, but as a mama I found it to be incredibly stressful. I wanted him to sit like the other kids were. I had to keep reminding myself that he is a) younger than most of the other kids and b) this was his first time and the other kids have had lots of practice and time to be taught how to do it properly.

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