Thursday, September 19, 2013

Mommy vs. Toddler

No, don't lick the rock.
No Jack! Don't stick your hands in the toilet.
No, don't stand in your toy shopping cart.

Do you need a new diaper?
Jack: No.

Do you want some milk?
Jack: No.

Do you want to go bye bye?
Jack: No.

As Jack continues to grow, he is testing his independence and, at times, my patience. Every day is a new battle of wills. I am thankful that he is learning how to communicate and tell me more of what he needs or wants, but some days can be challenging.

This week marked our first time staying in an extended stay hotel. Up until now, we have been able to find weekly house rentals that met our needs, but as fall approaches we are finding less availability. 

Considering that we were out of options, the extended stay worked out fairly well for us. Sophie posed a bit of a challenge with the need for multiple daily walks, but thankfully there was a park nearby. 

Our first night at the hotel, Jack had a hard time adjusting (he is probably just tired of the constant travel), but overall I think he enjoyed the newness of the hotel. 

I'm pretty sure that his favorite thing was pushing the handicap button to open the outside doors as well as having an elevator to ride every time we went somewhere.

Each morning Jack and I went downstairs to get our complimentary hot breakfast. After eating we would go back upstairs to get Sophie for our morning walk. By the end of the week, I had several hotel guests stop to tell me how well behaved Jack was.

I guess all of my "No's" are actually having an effect.

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