Saturday, February 15, 2014

Surprise Visit

Last week when Jack and I drove down to Nashville for my nephew's second birthday we made a couple of stops along the way.

First we dropped in on Jack's Great Grandmother and her husband, Mr. Ralph, in Manchester, TN. I'm pretty sure Jack made their day. Jack had fun "looking" for Mr. Ralph and shouting, "Mr. Ralph, where are you?" in his little sing son toddler voice. Jack also loved filling up on M&Ms out of Grandmother's fancy dispenser and Grandmother loved trying to give him any little snacks she could find. I had one hyper little boy by the time we made it to Nashville.

Grandmother also snuck some change and dollar bills into Jack's pant pockets. We are going to have to get a piggy bank if this keeps up...

After leaving Manchester, we made a stop in Smyrna, TN at the bank where Jack's Nana works. It was close to closing time and not too busy, so the perfect time for a quick visit. Another successful surprise! Regina got to show off Jack to her co-workers (who all knew Jack's latest tricks thanks to my blog!) and Jack had fun getting his very own water bottle from the break room fridge. 

By the time we left, he was a pro at taking the cap off and putting it back on that little water bottle. Jack also got to see the machine that counted money AND we couldn't leave the bank without a couple more dollars from Nana for his growing collection of cash.

We are so blessed to live in close proximity to so many in our family.

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