Friday, February 14, 2014

Snow Days with a side of Hives

On Tuesday evening Jack started to develop hives. He his now on the mend (thanks to a prescription for oral steroids and Zyrtec). It turns out that he didn't have an allergic reaction to amoxicillin like we originally thought, not in the normal sense anyway. Today we discovered that his reaction was actually what is called a serum sickness like reaction that presents similar to an allergic reaction. His version of this reaction was very mild (just hives, itching and swelling in his wrists).

Thank you for the thoughts, prayers and suggestions on how to help with the itching. He had several miserable days but is as happy as a camper right now.

Coinciding with his hives was a winter storm. Wednesday it started snowing in the morning. I called our pediatrician and was initially told to use Benadryl to help with the hives. They also told me they were closing at noon that day due to the weather.

Thank goodness there was snow on the ground. It was a great distraction to go outside and play in the cold white stuff. I'm pretty sure the cold helped keep the itching at bay.

Wednesday night I stayed up late and held Jack until he passed out. In the middle of the night Daniel got texts from a co-worker working the night shift saying the roads were bad. 

The next morning we decided Daniel should stay home to help me with Jack. It didn't hurt that there was tons of snow on the ground (8 inches!) and we could have some fun together as a family!

After breakfast, we all bundled up and headed down to the golf course to go sledding. On Signal Mountain, the golf course is the place to be for fun, safe sledding with an abundance of hills! 

We love that this is a community-like event and even dogs can go!

It was even better that the cottage we are staying at backs up to the golf course.

We took a little jaunt through the woods and were at the golf course in no time.


We had so much fun spending this time together.

After sledding we went back to the house and made snow cream.  

Daniel and I made this a few years ago when we had a good snow in Alabama,

but it tasted even better when we got to share it with our toddler.

Jack loved it.

After snow cream we had lunch and tried to keep Jack occupied with games on our cell phones so he wouldn't scratch.

I was getting concerned that the hives were increasing so I called our Pediatrician again. After texting some photos to Jack's doctor, she called in the steroid prescription and since Jack started that medicine he has been 100 times better.

We went into today so our doctor could see him in person. That is when we learned about the serum sickness like reaction. Anyways, I'm just glad that Jack is on the mend. It's unlikely that he will have this reaction to anything else and Amoxicillin is officially on the NO list for Jack.

I hope you had fun enjoying the snow (if you got it in your neck of the woods)! Otherwise, have a Happy Valentines Day and a wonderful weekend.

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