Monday, February 03, 2014

I Can Do It

We are going through an "I can do it" phase. Alternately, "Can I do it?" or "I want to do it." I'm so glad that Jack is getting to be more independent, but sometimes it can be a headache. Other times it is just plain funny.

Take the video below. Jack was insisting he could take his shirt off. In the process, he got stuck with one arm sticking out of the shirt's neck and one arm in the sleeve. He was having an internal struggle of wanting to do it himself and wanting me to help... in the end, he did it himself.

The other day he managed to put his shirt and pants on. Nevermind that the pants were on backwards, I was pretty amazed that he got them on all the way. He can put his shoes on (and take them off), he can climb into the car, he can open the fridge and get his milk out (and put his milk away), and he can climb out of his pack n play. 

I try to give him as much independence as possible. Right now that means planning an extra 30 minutes to get out the door so that he has time to "do it" himself. Otherwise I just get frustrated with him and that doesn't make anyone happy.

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