Sunday, February 09, 2014

Elmo Birthday Party

In our family my sister, Angela, has come to be known as the person who does over-the-top birthdays (Finding Nemo / My Little Pony / Very Hungry Caterpillar / Princess).

Her creations are typically Pinterest boards come to life. She makes great amateur homemade birthday cakes and always has fun, homemade decorations.

This is the first party she has hosted that hasn't been all out, but we still had a good time. With the help of her 4-year-old daughter, Izzy, and our brother, Mark, she came up with a last minute game plan. 

As Mark pointed out, all Levi really needed was cake and a balloon and he would be happy.

I think that Izzy still wanted to decorate, so they picked up some cute store bought decorations. Then Mark convinced her that we should still hang some streamers and of course, she still made a great homemade Elmo cake. 

The party was just family but the kids still had a blast. We woke up early to find that it was snowing. Angela and Robert kicked off Levi's celebration with Elmo-decorated pancakes, fruit and sausage.

After breakfast, we bundled up and headed to Monkey Joes to bounce some energy out.

Levi, Jack and Izzy had a blast running all over and jumping to their hearts content.

Mark was a great uncle and played with them and helped the boys go down the bigger slides.

I'm pretty sure that Jack and Levi would have been just as happy playing on the toy rides. Mark had quarters to keep the boys happy. After the first introduction to rides and quarters, Jack hopped off the ride and said, "Uncle Mark, I need more quarters."

After the kids were worn out, we headed back to Angela and Robert's house for FireHouse subs and cake. The kids all LOVE cake.

As usual, Angela did a great job decorating the cake (and I believed Izzy got to help with the icing!.

After cake the kids discovered the presents. It was a fun day and I'm glad that we were able to attend and spend time with some of my family. Happy (early) Second Birthday Levi Jackson!

Izzy and Jack practice blowing up balloons.

Sliding at Monkey Joes.

Jack and Levi on the rides at Monkey Joes. 
Thank you to Uncle Mark for introducing them to quarters!
After the first ride, Jack asked for a new quarter and promptly 
put it in the correct slot to make the ride go again.

Jack and Levi go down one of the bigger slides at Monkey Joes. 

Fearless. Levi slides alone. Izzy slides head first and Jack goes down after Uncle Mark.

Singing "Happy Birthday" to Levi.

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