Tuesday, November 04, 2014

12 Things

While not perfect, and filled with unexpected challenges, I think my 30s have been among my best years so far. 

1. I started my birthday morning cleaning poop off the floor and then shortly after I oversaw a timeout. I'm definitely a mom.

2. I'm OCD about cleaning/organizing, but I am a terrible house keeper.

3. I used to have daily reminders on my phone of what I should clean every day. Then we lived in hotels for 6 months and my reminders would go off everyday and annoy me because I couldn't even pretend to try to clean.

4. I pretty much have every children's book in our house memorized. We have a lot of books.

5. I keep hoping we will go hiking more (or at all), but that doesn't seem to be something that fits our current life stage. Some day.

6. There has been no lighting in our master bedroom for several months. Sometimes we start projects and they take longer than expected. Ok, that's really every project.

7. I essentially got new windows in the master suite for my birthday. I love the extra light. When I was younger, this is not something I would have imagined to be a good present – but it totally is!

 After – still have trim work to do and need to decide on paint colors.

8. The nicest car we have ever owned (and currently own) is a '98 LandCruiser. That's the year I graduated from high school. It has a tape deck and CD player... I know you're jealous.

9. I am probably the only 30-something year old that has had to relearn how to drive an automatic car. I forget to put it in park about 50% of the time. At least I pull the parking break every time.

10. I've pretty much quit reading books with any kind of regularity. I blame Kindle. It just isn't the same as a real book. Time to get back on track.

11. I voted today, which is fitting since I was born on an election day.

12. We celebrated my birthday this year with dinner at the Tupelo Honey Cafe. Their honey and biscuits are fantastic, and breakfast for dinner was perfect. 

 Chicken and Biscuits
 Country Breakfast
 Kids Sweet Potato Pancakes
Tupelo Honey Cafe on Urbanspoon

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