Friday, November 28, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

This year we celebrated Thanksgiving with some of Daniel's family in Nashville. We alternate holidays and who hosts the meal and this year Daniel's sister, Amy, volunteered to host. 

The Moores used to have a pretty firm tradition of having Thanksgiving brunch in lieu of a big turkey dinner, but over the years we have occasionally broken that tradition. This was one of those years and we had a traditional turkey and ham dinner with all of the trimmings instead of breakfast.

The food, as usual, was delicious. Jack especially enjoyed the ham and sweet potato casserole. And lets not forget the rolls. My boy would only eat rolls if we let him!

My brother was also able to join us this year and he brought a yummy "massaged kale" salad. He has been telling me about this salad more months, so I was glad to finally get to try it.

Jack loved all of the attention of being the only kiddo in the mix. This will be our last year with only one child to celebrate the holidays. Next year will be an interesting adjustment, but one that we are all looking forward to.

Daniel's mom brought a craft for Jack. He loved putting together the feathered headbands. His great Aunt Trine showed him how to dance and make a war cry like an Indian. He thought that was great.

Jack also had fun opening a late birthday present from Aunt Amy. This kid is spoiled, and he eats it all up. 

He also enjoyed discovering a pass through cabinet that he took over as his "special house." He convinced anyone who would play with him, to come visit him in his house. It provided endless entertainment.

We also enjoyed caramel and pumpkin pie. Jack was really pumped about the caramel pie – a first for him.

We missed all of the family that could not be with us this year, either due to sickness or other commitments. 

We were also feeling the loss of an honorary Great Uncle "Bubba" who passed away unexpectedly earlier in the week. So this holiday is bitter sweet in that we are attending a funeral this weekend.

We have so much to be thankful for. I hope you were able to spend some time celebrating with those you love.

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