Friday, March 20, 2015

Baby Update: 36 Weeks, Stil Cooking

In a strange coincidence, when I was pregnant with Jack my OB had foot surgery that required her to take 2 weeks of leave right at the end of my pregnancy. This time around (3.5 years later), she is on a 3 week leave for hip surgery. I am praying that Baby#2 stays put until she is back at the end of the month.

Baby #2, 36 Weeks
So far it seems likely that Baby#2 is going to sit tight for awhile longer as he/she still has not dropped and my cervix is closed tight. As of today, this baby is measuring 6 pounds 11 oz (same as what Jack was when he was born) and has a large head. With 4 weeks to go, I am a little anxious about how big this baby might get (measurements are give or take half a pound).

Some good news is that my amniotic fluid levels have dropped back to 23.5cm. That makes me happy. Last week was 27cm and I felt terrible.

While I was at the OB, they decided to monitor the baby's heart since I have had an uptick in Braxton Hicks again. Basically they are staying pretty steady throughout the day, but as I mentioned before, they aren't causing things to happen. I get them a lot when I am driving, especially if there is any elevation change. This is problematic since I live on a mountain and Chattanooga is hilly. Needless to say, I have lots of these contractions driving around town.

I have been counting on the fact that we already had baby boy clothes (50% chance that this baby is a boy), but this week I realized that we are missing everything in the 0-6 month size range. I'm not sure if we lost a box in our move or if I gave this stuff away. To be somewhat prepared, I ran by a local consignment sale this week and picked up a handful of gender-neutral onesies and sleepers. This baby has enough clothes for at least a couple of days, then we will need to do some shopping... regardless of gender!

I must be finally nesting. I am almost done crocheting a baby blanket for little one (it's gray and light blue) and I also took advantage of Daniel being home last week and had him help me clean all of the floors. Also, the crib is almost put together. 

I am not one to love being pregnant. I feel best when I am active – whether doing something outside like hiking or getting my hour workout in at the Y. Thankfully no one (doctors or workout instructors) have banned me from the Y.

One of the things I have learned since becoming a parent and being pregnant is that it really does take a village. I am so grateful for the friends and family that have offered to watch Jack. 

It is a relief to know I have people that can help me out in a pinch and many more that will come when Baby#2 gets here.

Another week down. The days feel long but the weeks are flying by.

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