Saturday, March 28, 2015

Baby Update: 37 Weeks, Just Live Your Life

One of the things I like about my OB is that she advocates living your life to the best of your ability, regardless of what may be going on with your body. It was advice she gave me while I was waiting to miscarry and it is something she reminds me of when I express fears over the risks of this pregnancy.

As someone who likes to be in control, the reminder that I can't prevent things from happening any more than I can force things to happen, helps me with my day-to-day living.

 Baby #2, 37 Weeks

As far as my weekly appointment, things are still looking good. My amniotic fluid is back up to 25cm (which is back in the risk category). The ultrasound tech said that the fluid regenerates every 3 days and it seems like my fluid is just going to hover between 23cm and 27cm. Our baby is still head down, but has not dropped at all and I am dilated to 1cm (with Jack I never dilated until my water broke at 40 weeks). I am anxious to see how things progress in the coming weeks.

In terms of living my life, workouts at the Y keep me sane. I think some people are getting nervous that I continue to show up, while others are happy to see me, knowing that if I am there labor hasn't started yet. With Jack I did kickboxing the day I went into labor and I hope to be able to continue to workout up until the time this baby makes an appearance.

My most uncomfortable symptom right now is swelling. I'm just glad it is warm enough to wear Chacos again – my feet are especially thankful. Second to the swelling is the fact that the baby's feet are lodged up under my ribs. This can cause some significant pain when he/she starts moving around and kicking.

This week I also swapped to 2 Heparin shots a day. The girl at the pharmacy was appalled when she gave me my meds. She must not have been taught privacy rules because she asked all kinds of questions about the twice-a-day shots. I'll just be glad when I can stop giving myself shots.

I finally got into gear and packed a bag for myself and one for Jack, for a procrastinator like me that is a big deal. Now we just continue to wait.

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